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Sonya Pasloski
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The instructors at SLS Centre are phenomenal at their jobs

I have been a member of SLS Centre for a long time. It has been a haven to combat stress relief many times. Back when my kids were young, I used PLAYCare so that I could go to a spin class or sometimes just a much-needed shower when things were too busy at home.

When my father passed away last December, going to Jessie’s spin class that day saved my mental health. The teachers at SLS Centre are phenomenal at their jobs from teaching, to giving nutrition advice, to telling funny stories. Sometimes you need to get yelled at, too.

I always come out with a smile that I completed the class and for your genuine desire to change us. SLS Centre is incredibly good value for your money. Where can you go for spin, yoga, boxing, TRX, skating, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, hockey, curling….for $54/month? I joined the “GIVE ME 30” program in the spring and met some fabulous people both in the class and through the instructors. It was a life-changing journey that I hope will keep me motivated for the long-term.

So, if you are hesitant about joining as a member, sign up for a short-term program to explore the facilities and experience the friendly staff and instructors.